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In this final installment in our series, vendors share their remaining pieces of insight.

Over the past four months, Channel Futures has explored various, pressing aspects of cybersecurity and threat protection managed security service providers need to understand now. The previous installments dive into the following areas:

The whole topic arose as threat protection vendors announced a slew of new platforms at the beginning of 2021. The timing, of course, made sense. The SolarWinds debacle had come to light. Other cybersecurity attacks were underway (and continue). Yet, instead of writing about each solution rolled out by providers, Channel Futures sought to gain deeper understanding from channel chiefs and CEOs. This series has aimed to educate MSSPs in a different way, and perhaps provide them with new approaches to consider.

In the fifth installment, we asked vendors what cybersecurity challenges channel partners should expect to face as they work on threat protection for customers. We fielded a range of answers. This final slideshow (above) in the series, expounds on the advice vendors gave.

However, there are so many nooks and crannies to cybersecurity that we have surely not covered the entire gamut, even over an in-depth series. So, expect more slideshows over the coming months. If there is a particular subject you’d like to see us to talk about with vendors, send the author an email.

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