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Get some special Pixar ‘Turning Red’ wallpapers for your new tab page, if that’s your jam

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Firefox is pretty much the only browser left that’s not based on Google’s Chromium rendering engine, but unfortunately, its income is mostly based on Google paying it to be the default search engine out of the box — not a great situation to be in. Mozilla is working hard on diversifying its revenue with paid services like a VPN and Pocket, but the company also recently teamed up with Disney to promote its latest animation flick, ‘Turning Red,’ right on your new tab page and as part of your desktop browser’s theme — though only if you opt in, mind you. Firefox 98 for Android is launching today with a similar option.


The latest version of Firefox gives you access to a total of five wallpapers for its new tab page, three of them consisting of abstract colors and two of them bringing cute backdrops from the aforementioned Disney title to your browser. You can easily shuffle through the selection by tapping the Firefox logo or by hitting the three-dot menu next to the address bar and then Customize homepage. To be clear, using these wallpapers is completely optional, and if you don’t change any of your settings or tap that Firefox logo, you won’t ever see any of the wallpapers or promotions, so it’s pretty unobtrusive in its current state.

Mozilla says these wallpapers are only available to US users, with further options rolling out internationally in the coming months.

Firefox 98 Turning Red

For some background, ‘Turing Red’ follows the story of Mei Lee, which Mozilla describes as “the coming-of-age story of […] a teen who when she gets too excited, transforms into a giant red panda,” adding: “fun fact: a red panda is also known as a fire fox!” Truly a match made in heaven, marketing-wise.

Firefox 98 additionally lets you delete cookies and website data for individual domains, preventing you from losing your login status on other websites when you just want to clear your data from an individual domain. There also a few bug fixes. Firefox 98 will no longer show duplicate items in your browsing history, and the performance of the Logins page has been improved. When using dark mode, tab tiles now come with a dark border instead of a light one, blending in with the rest of the theme much better

In other news, Firefox on iOS has finally gained the option to move the address bar to the top or the bottom based on your preference, something that the Android version could do right out of the box. And if you’re a Firefox Focus user, you can now activate the HTTPS-only mode that previously came to proper Firefox, stopping any websites with the unencrypted HTTP standard from displaying on your phone.

Firefox 98 for Android is now rolling out in the Play Store, but you can also grab it over at APK Mirror if you want to get your hands on it right away.

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