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The Mozilla Foundation released the standard version 90 of the Firefox browser for Windows, MacOS and Linux in broad daylight. In the new version of Firefox, updates can be used in the background while Firefox is not running. Background Update searches, downloads, and installs background updates. That way, you’ve get the latest version of Firefox every time you open your browser. If you enable the option, Firefox will check for updates every 7 hours when the browser is not in use. There are also improvements, bug fixes and security improvements, which can be found below. This update also covers 9 vulnerabilities in older versions of Firefox. You can find details about security holes closed with Firefox 90 Here. Users who have installed an older version of Firefox will receive the update automatically. You can download the update from here Help -> via Firefox -> Update to version 90.0 Can be loaded manually. More information about this update can be found below or from Mozilla.

Download -> Download Firefox 90.0 for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Version 90.0 of Firefox for desktop is now available for download from Mozilla:

Download Firefox version 90.0 for Windows, MacOS and Linux:

Firefox version 90.0 includes the following new features and improvements:


  • On Windows, updates can now be used in the background while Firefox is not running.
  • Firefox for Windows now offers a new page About: Third Party Helps identify compatibility issues caused by third-party applications.
  • Manage about exceptions in HTTPS-only mode: Options # Privacy.
  • Print to PDF now creates working hyperlinks.
  • Version 2 of Firefox’s Smart Block feature further enhances personal browsing. Third-party Facebook scripts are blocked to prevent you from being tracked, but if you decide to “log in to Facebook” on any website it will now be loaded automatically “at the right time”.



  • The “Open Image in New Tab” context menu item now opens images and media in the background tab by default.
  • Most users who do not have a hardware-accelerated Webrender will now use Webrender software.
  • Improved software Webrender performance.
  • FTP support removed.


Frequently Asked Questions after updating Firefox

Mozilla Foundation developers make Firefox for Windows, MacOS and Linux available in multiple languages. Note that installing Firefox will overwrite your existing version of Firefox. Your bookmarks or diary will not be lost. However, some extensions and other add-ons will no longer work until appropriate updates or updates are available.

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