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The changes that Microsoft made to the Microsoft Store with the release of Windows 11 are clearly paying off as more and more high-profile apps are coming to the store these days.

The latest big names to join the club is none other than Mozilla, whose Firefox browser now showed up on the Microsoft Store – the app, however, isn’t available for download, and an ETA as to when the download links could go live isn’t yet available.

The version served through the Microsoft Store comes packed as an APPX, which in theory means that Firefox could even be updated through the Microsoft Store in a more straightforward manner.

Mozilla applauds Microsoft’s new store approach

Mozilla is one of the companies that applauded Microsoft for its new approach regarding the app store bundled with Windows 11.

The company announced earlier this month that given the new store aligns with its expectations, Firefox would therefore join it as well.

“Microsoft has loosened restrictions on its Windows Store that effectively banned third-party browsers from the store. We have been advocating for years for more user choice and control on the Windows operating system,” the company said.

“We welcome the news that their store is now more open to companies and applications, including independent browsers like Firefox. We believe that a healthier internet is one where people have an opportunity to choose from a diverse range of browsers and browser engines. Firefox will be available in the Windows store later this year.”

One of the biggest changes in terms of browsers in the Microsoft Store is that Microsoft now allows them to be listed with their own engine, therefore no longer being forced to use the native Windows engine. This has convinced more browser makers to bring their apps to the store, including Opera, whose app is already live for Windows 11 users.

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