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Mozilla has released the first minor update for Firefox 94, therefore bringing its browser to version 94.0.1 on Windows, Linux, and macOS computers

There’s only one notable fix in this new release, and it’s specifically aimed at Apple users.

Mozilla explains that Firefox previously suffered from a bug that caused the browser to hang when viewing fullscreen videos on macOS 10.12. And given almost everybody watches videos on YouTube these days, it’s pretty clear this was a pretty critical glitch for users out there, especially as they affected a popular version of macOS.

As a result, installing Firefox 94.0.1 deals with the whole thing, making fullscreen videos be handled properly by the browser.

What’s new in Firefox 94

Other than that, this minor release includes all the improvements that were part of Firefox 94, which itself received the go-ahead earlier this week.

One of the biggest changes in Firefox 94 was the addition of new themes, which Mozilla described as Colorways, and available only for a limited time in the browser.

“With 94, you’ll find a selection of six fun seasonal Colorways (available for a limited time only). Now you can find a color to suit (or lift) your every mood. Fun fact: Did you know we have more daily users with color themes than dark or Alpenglow on Beta? With Firefox 89, 32% of users clicked through to customize their color theme. And that was just on the first day! We decided to introduce these new Colorways to give our users more to love,” Mozilla said.

The change that may have broken fullscreen videos on macOS concerned Apple’s low-power mode for such videos, as Firefox 94 specifically introduced new optimizations meant to extend the battery life in long viewing sessions, according to the official changelog provided by Mozilla.

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