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Mozilla has joined Google Chrome in the three digit version world with Firefox 100 being available this morning.

With the bump to Firefox 100 there are various routine improvements to the open-source, cross-platform browser but nothing too abnormally special. Most significant is the scrollbar changes for Linux and Windows 11. By default the scrollbars won’t take space by default but this behavior can be modified through the Firefox preferences area with the “overlay scrollbars” feature.

Firefox 100 users on Windows can also enjoy hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding when using supported GPUs/drivers. Firefox on Linux currently doesn’t allow for hardware-accelerated AV1 with newer GPUs.

Firefox 100 also has support for captions/subtitles on Amazon Prime Video / YouTube / Netflix when running in Picture-in-Picture mode, support or Picture-in-Picture video captions with websites using WebVTT, the browser’s built-in spell checker now supports multiple languages concurrently, improved fairness between painting and handling of other events, and various other minor changes. There is also the usual assortment of bug fixes.

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