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Maids & migrant workers victimised by job scams, love scams & quick cash scams — MOM, NGOs & police share anti-scam advisories as over 60% have fallen prey to scammers


Photo: freepik/female worker (for illustration purposes only)

Over the past year, more migrant workers and maids have fallen prey to scammers. Police say that in 2020, there were 1,965 migrant workers and 216 domestic workers who were scammed.

One common scam, which helpers usually found via scrolling through their mobile phones, offers loans with low charges to maids, who have been vulnerable to the lure of quick cash when they’re in need.

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Needy & underprivileged families in S’pore looking to rebuild their homes, public donations requested, ‘Your support is deeply appreciated & important’


A Kickstarter project for underprivileged families in Singapore has started, and members of the public can help rebuild their homes. Caleb and Rachael from renovation and construction company Smart Click Services have started a personal project to help two families in need of a home makeover.

The duo then started a Go Get Funding campaign, seeking assistance from the public to change these families’ living conditions. Caleb reached out to The Independent Singapore and shared some background on the recipients.

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College girl emotionally hurt cos her friends don’t include her when they go out, asks, ‘Why am I rejected all the time?’


Photo: Unsplash/Joshua Wordel (for illustration purposes only)

On the NUS Whispers Facebook page, a college girl shared about how she’s emotionally hurting inside from being left out by her friends. In the post, which was published on Tuesday (May 3), the girl wrote she’s “never anyone’s priority” which makes her feel “so lonely.”

She also wrote about going to the movies alone but crying so hard due to her loneliness: “I felt sad as I saw others holding hands with their romantic partners or sitting and enjoying the show with a group of friends. I tried to enjoy alone, but I couldn’t stop crying… I sat over there wondering what was wrong with me. Why am I rejected all the time?”

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‘Are we really at war with drugs & poverty, or are we merely at war with poor people for being poor?’ — Tang Li


Opinion Piece by Tang Li

We’ve finally done it. On the morning of 27 April 2022, Mr Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam, a Malaysian Tamil who was caught with drugs in his possession, was hanged after a decade on death row. Mr Dharmalingam’s fate was never in doubt. Despite the valiant efforts of his lawyer, Mr M. Ravi and activist like Ms Kirstin Han, the only thing that kept Mr Dharmalingam alive from November 2021 onwards, was Covid-19.

Despite international pressure and appeals from the likes of the United Nations Human Rights Office and Sir Richard Branson, countless postings on social media, letters to everyone outside of Singapore and numerous vigils, the Singapore Government was resolute and hanged Mr Dharmalingam.

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‘Ownself pui ownself’ — Uncle spits at another uncle in heated argument, but spit backfires cos’ mask still on


Photo: FB screengrab/ SG Road Vigilante – SGRV

Are masks so much a part of the new normal that people forget they’re wearing them? This may have happened to one man, who, in the heat of an altercation with another driver, spat at him. Unfortunately, his intended insult backfired.

The altercation certainly was a heated one, with both men shouting at each other and even making rude signs with their middle fingers.

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