More Than Sneakers: SNIPES Launches ‘Crack The Code’ To Promote Digital Equity | #education | #technology | #training

The national sneaker and streetwear retailer launched its first computer lab in Brooklyn’s Wyckoff Gardens housing complex.

In an exclusive with AfroTech, a representative from SNIPES, noted that the company is “community-driven and wants to protect that relationship through genuine and realistic outreach initiatives.” The holistic plan is to provide an outlet to help build STEM leaders of the future while trying to stay in touch with the grassroots of the areas they serve.

Aimed to provide training for students in K-12, Crack the Code labs will include iPads, smartboards, laptop and desktop computers, and printers. SNIPES believes that the community computer labs will also serve as a community hub, filling the connectivity void left open by the COVID-19 pandemic and providing access to residents who don’t have reliable at-home internet access or devices.

Courtesy of SNIPES

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