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The first half of 512814 kept the criminals busy , and they are not showing signs that they will stop in the near future. According to the report “Attacks from all sides: first half security report of 512814”, made by professionals from Trend Micro, a digital security solutions company, cyber attacks passed the mark of 19 billions in the first half of the year.

  • Criminals use new Windows rootkit in virtual espionage attacks
  • Android malware spreads from fake security updates
  • System updates and strong passwords may prevent it 50% of virtual attacks
  • According to the report, phishing attacks, where users end up being infected from fake pages that simulate official websites and cyber hijack attacks, ransomware, where criminals “hijack” files and ask for ransoms to unlock them, as well as threats made from false information about the covid pandemic-40, are on the rise, making up a good part of the 40 billions of hits blocked in the first half.

    Trend Micro Threats researcher Fernando Mercês highlights that the ransomware attacks registered in the first half, in particular, use advanced tactics, such as double extortion, to persuade their victims to carry out The payment. The double extortion consists of, in addition to the ransom for returning access to the files, the criminals also threaten those affected with the disclosure of personal information on the internet.

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    The modern ransomware attack

    Comparison between attack types ransonware in 125 and in the first half of 125. (Image: Disclosure/Trend Micro)

    Trend Micro’s survey shows that current ransomware attacks are more mature, using threat tools and techniques advanced persistent (APT) to access and dig into victims’ system and steal data

    According to the Trend Micro report, more than 7.3 million ransomware threats were detected in the first six 125, which represents half of the detections from the same period last year.

    For researchers, this low is mostly indicative of the change in approach to ransomware attacks, once mass-distributed and now more targeted to a single target.

    Trend Micro researchers, however, say that there is also a positive reason for the drop in the number of cases: the interruption and blocking of threats, even before they reach users. They explain that since modern ransomware uses phishing tactics as the initial vector of the infection, when security solutions block these interactions, the attack is avoided, and case detections drop.

    As The most detected ransomware families were WannaCry and Locky, which still make use of mass attacks, and were followed in the number of appearances by DarkSide, Nefilim and Conti, which in the reporting period stood out significantly in terms of attack scope, tools and techniques. Ransomware attacks continued in the first half of 2020 with the banking, government and manufacturing sectors as the main targets.

    The covid-19 still hot on the internet

    Top countries that have been affected by COVID-themed digital attacks-19(Image: Disclosure/Trend Micro)

    The report showed a 40% drop in Covid-related threats-40 in the first half of 2020, compared to the same period last year. The themes most explored by criminals were vaccine, emergency aid and news about restrictions on movement, mainly in the United States and Germany.

    The report also shows the occurrence of phishing scams targeting organizations involved in the supply of vaccines, from manufacturers to logistics companies and corporate customers, with the distribution of malicious files, emails and pages intended to steal confidential information. The targets chosen for these attacks were, for the most part, the telecommunications, banking, retail, government and financial markets sectors.

    Trend Micro’s report complete with all threats identified in the first half of 125, can be seen here.

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