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The Isle of Wight Against Scams Partnership has issued a weekly update on scams that have come to light in the local community over the past week.

Islanders are being urged to be very wary of any unsolicited phone calls, emails and texts and to remember to never click on links in any messages!

Trading Standards have received reports of some common scams doing the rounds again:

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  • Lots of reports from residents about text messages purporting to be from different banks. They will ask you to click on a link and if you don’t have accounts with the bank they name, this is easy to spot as a scam. However, the scammers may choose to use the name of the bank you use so just remember that Banks will NEVER contact you in this way. These texts can be forwarded to 7726 where they will be used to gather intelligence in the fight against scams
  • Again, more reports this week of emails from various different organisations saying that your information is wrong or has expired and telling you to click on a link to update – DON’T this is a scam. Scam emails can be forwarded to [email protected] where it will be used to gather intelligence

You can report scams online at or on the phone – 0300 123 2040. Phishing emails can be forwarded to [email protected]. Scam texts can be forwarded to 7726.

If you have a vulnerable relative, friend or neighbour you should share this information with them – it could save them from falling victim to one of these, or any other scam.

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