Mom sues Alabama Hospital for the death of a baby born during a ransomware attack | #malware | #ransomware

The ransomware attack killed a baby born in a hospital in Alabama after being attacked by a hacker, the lawsuit said.

Tyranni Kid, who suffered from preeclampsia, was unaware that a cyberattack at Springhill Memorial Hospital brought down the network and severely limited the ability of staff to treat patients on July 17, 2019. Said it was triggered by.

Her daughter was born in a mobile hospital with an umbilical cord around her neck. It took eight minutes for the neonatologist to arrive at the bedside.

She was diagnosed with brain dysfunction caused by oxygen deficiency, renal failure, and many illnesses.

A toddler girl named Nicko Silar died of an injury on April 16, 2020.

Teiranni Kidd accused her daughter of death in a cyberattack that brought down the Springhill Memorial Hospital network. Nicko Silar was born on July 17, 2019 with a brain injury

She was born at Spring Hill Memorial Hospital and said she closed the network to protect her data.

Spring Hill Memorial Hospital first acknowledged the July 9 ransomware attack, stating that “network events” would not affect patient care.

On July 16th, when Kid arrived at the hospital, the day he was “unaware of the impact” of cyberattacks on operations, he shut down the network to protect his data.

Without hospital computers and network systems, doctors and nurses would rely on textual communications, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing court records.

According to court documents, one manager told the nurse, “I don’t know how long, so I don’t have a computer chart.”

“They print the lab’s lab and send it on paper,” he sent a text message to another employee.

Another nurse sent a text message saying “I want to run away.”

The hospital’s “ineffective and non-functional” system contributed to Nico’s injury and subsequent death, the proceedings said.

Nico was born with an umbilical cord around her neck and died a few months later.

Infants suffer from many other illnesses, including kidney failure, which the mother said could have been avoided with the use of appropriate skills by nurses and doctors.

“Based on information and belief, the only fetal tracking available to health care providers during Teiranni’s hospitalization was a paper record at her bedside,” he said.

“Many electronic systems were endangered by cyberattacks, and doctors and other health care providers who were not physically present in the nurse station or Tyranni’s delivery room had no access to fetal tracking information. . “

The hospital failed to use a fetal scalp monitor that may have been used to track the fetus during labor, the proceedings said.

“The only fetal chase available to health care providers during Teiranni’s hospitalization was a paper record at her bedside,” the proceedings filing said of her childbirth experience.

Hospital staff said they were unaware of the seriousness of the life-threatening situation.

Delivery nurses should properly monitor emergencies that should have been known to nursing staff based on Nico’s fetal tracking and / or that would have been known to nursing staff if proper fetal tracking had been performed. Could not be observed, reported, treated, and responded to. Using a fetal scalp monitor, “said the proceedings.

The hospital has not publicly identified hackers, but the Wall Street Journal said sources blamed Ryuk, who was targeting the hospital at the time.

Marian Fork, a hospital spokesperson, said he was proud to respond to cyber attacks.

Outlets previously reported that Ryuk has hit at least 235 general hospitals and other medical facilities since 2018.

Ransomware hackers earned at least $ 350 million last year, according to a Chainalysis report.

A Springhill spokeswoman told that he was proud of how the hospital address worked during the cyberattack.

“We remained open and dedicated healthcare professionals continued to take care of our patients,” Springhill spokeswoman Marian Fork told

“Of course, we did this because the patient needed us and, with an independent therapist who exercised privileges in the hospital, concluded that it was safe to do so.”

She said she could not comment further due to the proceedings in dispute and the confidentiality of the patient.

If the case is proved in court, it will be the first known case of death related to cyber hacking.

Mom sues Alabama Hospital for the death of a baby born during a ransomware attack

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