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BELIZE CITY, Mon. Oct 11, 2021– Last week Friday, the Ministry of Health and Wellness announced that its Facebook account was hacked. This suggests that the Ministry’s email address, also used to manage the Facebook page, was hacked and is in the hands of an unknown cybercriminal at this time.

The release from the MOHW says, “As a result, the ministry is unable to access the page, one of its primary mediums of communication. Therefore, any activity that may continue on that page is not endorsed by the ministry.”

No posts have been made on the old MOHW page since October 7, 2021. That page has about 36K followers and has been used as one of the most widespread mediums of communication for the Ministry.

The Ministry promptly created a new Facebook page. Unfortunately, the old page will have to go through a lengthy process to ultimately be marked as false and removed from the platform; until then the hackers will have access and the ability to disseminate false information to the public.

While this hacking of the Ministry’s page is by all indication a cybercrime, our legislation signed into law in October of 2020 is vague as it fails to make provision for the hacking of Social media accounts.

Our legislation addresses the illicit access and use of computer systems, which are defined as the hardware and software that are assembled to enable the device to function. While useful and valuable information is stored in the storage devices of these systems, it is technically considered separate and apart from Social media accounts, which are defined as any website or application where users are able to create and share information.

The release says the public is invited and encouraged to follow the new Facebook account of the Ministry of Health & Wellness at the following link:

Official information can also be accessed from the Ministry of Health & Wellness’ Instagram Page at @ministryofhealthandwellness”, the release from the Ministry states. The new Facebook page has a little over 2K likes at this time.

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