Modi govt needs to come clean on the Pegasus spyware issue | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

All that there was from Amit Shah was obfuscation, which prompted people to ask whether ‘snoopgate’ was India’s ‘Watergate’, President Richard Nixon’s Waterloo?

Amit Shah’s line of argument was fallacious. Who was defaming India and who was ‘disruptor and obstructer’ was not for Shah to decide, declare.

The much vaunted Amit Shah couldn’t do better than Modi’s IT minister Ashwini Vaishnav who said the list of “potential targets” of Pegasus was “baseless” and “purposely published a day before Monsoon session.”

India’s citizens are aware enough to realise that “snooping on citizens” by governments have ramifications and there are dangers involved. Governments can mount surveillance on the “enemies” of India – terrorists and child killers, women molesters. But governments cannot spy on political rivals and prominent citizens.

Shah and Modi cannot hide behind “give us evidence”. The Centre is duty-bound to order an inquiry, an independent investigation under a sitting judge to get to the bottom of the hacking and snooping.

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