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We are moving towards a digitized world. The maximum hours of the day are spent on a mobile phone. The credit for this goes to mobile applications. The mobile app industry is seeing a spike in the present scenario.

We start our day with a mobile application and throughout the day navigate multiple mobile applications.

The introduction of new technology has taken the app industry to the next level. Some of the highly applicable new entrants are the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Cloud computing, and blockchain.

Internet of Things, also referred to as IoT is one of the best entrants in the tech world. The Internet of Things solutions are in high demand in this tech era.

What Is The Internet Of Things?

The Internet of Things is a medium to connect things to devices. It helps to connect a single device to multiple web-connected devices.

IoT is one of the major aspects that have the potential to change the mobile app industry.

It refers to multiple devices around the world that are now connected to the internet. Anything and everything can be connected to IoT with the help of a chip.

To be precise, IoT is adding a sensor to any physical object and making it communicable with a human.

The Origin Of The Internet Of Things

The term “Internet of Things” was coined by Kevin Ashton back in 1999. The vision was to inject sensors into physical devices and project them to have effective communication.

The Internet of Things solutions have seen a progressive graph since then.

What The Internet Of Things does

The Internet of Things helps to communicate with these devices just like a human being does, in real-time. The integration of the Internet of Things makes the world smarter, simpler, and responsive.

It converts data over networks that have a human-to-human or a human-to-computer interaction. Are you thinking of integrating IoT in your application? You can get in touch with mobile application development services providers.

An Example Of The Application Of Internet Of Things

First of all, let us know what an IoT device is. Any physical object that is present around us which has the capability to connect to the internet is known as an IoT device.

An IoT device helps to communicate in a controlled way. Suppose you want to switch your fan on or off.

Till now, you had to follow the conventional way of going to a switchboard and then pressing a switch. But, if the fan is converted into an IoT device, then you just have to say “switch on the fan” or just use your smartphone app and the fan will start running.

Mobile application development services providers can help to build dynamic applications that are integrated with advanced technologies such as IoT. IoT devices can range from the simplest things such as toys to serious things such as driverless cars.

Examples of IoT devices are those that are not expected to have an internet connection, but with the advancement of technology, have the potential to communicate and understand the message that is given to them.


A Look At Some Facts

By the end of 2018, the number of IoT-connected devices was 22 billion. By 2025 the number is estimated to reach 30 billion, and by 2030 we will have 50 billion IoT-connected devices globally.

According to IoT analytics, the global IoT market reached $151 billion in 2018 and is projected to grow to $1,567 billion by 2025.

Here, we have detailed on how IoT is changing the way we develop mobile applications in terms of security, connectivity, and innovations:

  • IoT’s Application In The Security Sector: Mobile app development has changed and is still changing. IoT is used to improve the security of applications. It helps to keep data safe and secure. A lot of data is stored in an IoT device. This increases the chance of cyber threats. IoT devices have emerged as a new way for intruders to steal personal information. There are high chances of the theft of confidential data when devices are interconnected.

Artificial intelligence solutions are highly used by companies these days. In such cases, IoT allows developers to have a tight security protocol for applications.

It helps to stop the leaking of information by protecting data. Information is stored in the Cloud, and many devices are interconnected which increases the chances of hacking.

Developers are working to have enhanced data protection.

  • The Use Of IoT For Connectivity: Internet of Things helps IoT app development companies to develop applications that have innumerable connectivity options. In the mobile app development industry, IoT has brought new ways for the growth of a company. IoT helps to get complete information about the products launched by a company. The company can convert products into IoT devices and get the flexibility to know the working of an object. Operating a device through applications opens up multiple options for the growth of a company. IoT is the integration of components such as sensors, cloud, physical objects, devices, and analytics.
  • The Use Of IoT For Innovation: IoT significantly helps in making an application more interactive and innovative. Constant development has helped IoT to be highly useful for applications. It gives that much-needed edge to a brand in an innovative way. This helps the brand to increase its sales. It makes applications highly convenient to use for users. Since an app is operated through a mobile phone, you can carry it around with you and do your work anywhere. It makes the application more interactive and engaging. It gives personalized experience. Are you having an issue in managing tasks? Artificial Intelligence solutions can help you with it.

Wrapping Up

The Internet of Things helps to make an application more engaging, responsive, and better performing. IoT devices make a task easier.

The tech world belongs to the Internet of Things. Users always want to have a rich experience, and IoT is efficient in providing them with this.

By now you should have got an idea of how IoT is changing the way we develop mobile applications in terms of security, connectivity, and innovation. It has brought immense flexibility and opportunities in the mobile app industry.

If you want to use IoT in apps, you can get in touch with an IoT app development company.

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