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Finland-based secure communications specialist Bittium has announced the launch of the Bittium Tough Mobile 2 C, a secure, ruggedized smartphone designed for confidential communications for authorities.

The 2 C features dual-boot functionality, with a ‘hardened’ (configured and customized to make it more secure) Android 9 partitioned and completely separated from Bittium’s own Secure OS, allowing for ‘Personal’ and ‘Confidential’ modes depending on which OS the user is in.

With the hardened Android 9, Personal mode allows the use of Google’s services as well as social media applications and other common apps while maintaining a high level of security.

Bittium’s Secure Suite management software gives users the ability to configure both operating systems to tailor them to their required security needs.

There is also a Multi-container feature that enables the use of multiple secure and isolated workspaces within one OS that the user can switch between by swiping sideways from their home screen.

“Exceptional times have further increased the need for security in mobile communications, and we can proudly answer with the unique security of two totally separated operating systems of Tough Mobile 2 C smartphone,” said Jari Sankala, Senior Vice President, Defense & Security. “Bittium Tough Mobile 2 C smartphone and its supportive software solutions form a complete entity for customers requiring comprehensive state-level security [and it] can also be customized to meet the security needs of different companies and organizations, further expanding the smartphone usability.”

Designed and manufactured entirely within Finland, the Tough Mobile 2 C also benefits from ensuring that both the manufacturing process and the supply chain are supervised with security in mind.

The Tough Mobile 2 C — which also comes with a free Yubico 5 NFC security key — can also be certified for use by national government officials, and due to the fact that it was designed for this purpose, according to Bittium it will have a longer availability and lifespan when it comes to security updates when compared to many other smartphones.

Source: TechRadar

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