Microsoft’s Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 are picking up April security updates today | #android | #security

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Today, Microsoft is pushing out some small OS updates for its dual-screen Android phones. The original Surface Duo and newer Surface Duo 2 are getting some small patches via the Android updater.

Historically, the updates are relatively small in size, coming in at just 16.73MB for Surface Duo and a slightly larger 28.21MB for Surface Duo 2. Previous OS updates for both phones were around 200MB, so these are likely minor tweaks or security patches. That said, the original Surface Duo has a small fix for when using Miracast.

Here are the changes for each device:

Surface Duo

  • Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin—April 2022.
  • Fixes pixelated external display when screen sharing via Miracast.

Surface Duo 2

  • Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin—April 2022.

On Surface Duo 2, our build number jumped from 2022.106.38 to 2022.108.8. For the original Surface Duo, the build on our unlocked phone jumped from 2022.113.26 to 2022.115.10.

So far, Microsoft has been very consistent with its promise of monthly updates for its Surface Duo devices. While there have been periods of just security patches, recent monthly updates have included improvements to the OS, gestures, touch, responsiveness, camera, and adding more inking capabilities.

Google’s Android 12L OS update, optimized for dual-screen and foldable phones, is due “later this year” from Microsoft.

Recently, Microsoft dropped the price of Surace Duo 2 from $1,499 to a more desirable $999, although it is unclear if that is a temporary reduction or a new regular price to drive sales. That price cut for Surface Duo 2 can be found at, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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The Surface Duo 2 is a unique foldable with two displays. It can run apps side-by-side or span apps across both screens. The second-generation Duo improves upon its predecessor in several key areas, including having better cameras, displays, and software. Later this year, the Duo 2 should receive an update to Android 12L, which is optimized for tablets and foldables.

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