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Q. I recently learned that the Internet Explorer browser has been retired. I have not used that browser in a while but it is loaded on my old desk top computer. Should I remove it from my computer?

A. The news from Microsoft is that Internet Explorer (IE) has been retired and is no longer supported as of June 15.

Internet Explorer is built into the most recent versions of Windows and is actually a part of the operating system.

Because it’s considered to be a part of the Windows operating system, there’s no real option to uninstall it on your own.

And there is no need to uninstall it. As new Windows updates are installed, it will eventually be removed.

Computers that have IE will continue to function as they always have and IE will keep working as long as it is on your computer.

The Web is constantly changing, which may cause problems with IE, so it’s best to consider using an updated browser like Edge, Chrome of Firefox for the best browsing experience.

Q. The icons on my desktop and in my folders are way too large. Is there a way to chance the size? I have experimented with changing the resolution, but that really doesnÕt help me. I just want smaller icons.

A. If you right click on a blank spot on your desktop, you will see a menu with several options.

Click on View and here you can select Large icons, Medium icons and Small icons.

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