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Microsoft is offering a nice reward for those people who play “Minecraft.” In exchange for using the Microsoft Edge browser, the user will receive Minecoins, the game’s official currency.

Microsoft Wants Users to Use Edge Browser

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Microsoft is rewarding 330 Minecoins for those who will switch their default browser to Edge.

Last week, one of the most popular internet browsers bid goodbye to its users. The Internet Explorer has operated for 27 years and finally retired from its service. This now opens more opportunities for other browser options to shine.

Speaking of which, Microsoft seems to be taking advantage of this moment as it urges users to get used to the Edge browser. 

According to Hypebeast, the Redmond firm is offering Minecoins for people in just one condition: switch their default browser to Microsoft Edge. The step is simple if you want to accept this offer.

The article says you need to activate the Bing search engine on the Edge browser for five days. Just wait until it’s finished, and you go with your reward.

If you manage to follow this instruction smoothly, you can now receive 330 Minecoins which you can use to improve your “Minecraft” empire. Although it’s not that big money at $3, it’s still a huge help, especially if you want to buy stuff on the market.

It should be noted that the in-game currencies that you will receive will only apply to the Minecraft Bedrock version. Compared to Java, this version is said to have more young players at the moment.

It could be seen that Microsoft is attracting a large audience of young users to use the Edge browser. If you have a lot of time to play “Minecraft,” this offer is a great shot that you should not miss.

Aside from luring more potential users to the Microsoft Edge, the tech giant aims to improve its search engine traffic. In short, this translates to more data for the company.

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Upcoming Built-in Utilities For Microsoft Edge

The recent promo for the browser is only one of the most interesting things that will come soon on the platform. However, more to arrive since Microsoft Edge is reportedly bringing three new features later.

According to Neowin, the browser will add a speed test, a unit converter, and a calculator on its sidebar. You can access these features early if you have the Canary version of the Edge.

The Canary 105 allows the users to access the translator, world clock, and translator aside from the three utilities.

Having said that, Microsoft Edge is preparing to add more features in the future. 

It’s understandable why the utilities are introduced in the first place. Downloading third-party extensions could be risky sometimes because of suspicious websites. Having a set of in-house tools you can access right away will save a lot of time for the users.

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