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Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 suite launched to replace Microsoft Classroom and Skype for Business by offering users capabilities such as video conferencing, file storage, and integration of apps.

During the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has seen an increase in usage alongside other video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet.

This is because people have adapted to the new situations of working from home and rely on Microsoft Teams to accomplish their tasks remotely.

Today, more than 145 million users are on the platform. Meaning, when a bug arises, many are left affected and frustrated.

And according to recent reports, it seems some Microsoft Teams users are reporting that the arrow (left/right) keys are not working when using Excel. Oddly, the Up/Down keys are functioning normally.


While this problem appears to be a bug on the Teams platform, Microsoft is yet to address it in official capacity. But those affected seem to have found some basic troubleshooting options, which you can also try out.

For starters, some say simply restarting your computer should temporarily fix the problem. However, for some, this doesn’t work.

Therefore, your best bet is to try each troubleshooting solution provided below and see whether the issue with Microsoft Teams arrow keys not working goes away.

Solution 1: Force close Microsoft Teams app

According to one Microsoft employee from the official forum, closing the Microsoft Teams app and relaunching it later could fix this issue. But then again, this is on a temporary basis.

It happens a lot and it’s quite annoying. My solution is using the Task Manager to terminate Microsoft Teams and relaunch it. It’s much better than restart the whole computer. Hope it helps.

Still, some users asked the Microsoft employee to escalate their concerns to the appropriate department. After all, they would be more interested in having a permanent solution rather than a temporary one.


Killing the app every time the keys start to misbehave doesn’t cut it for them.

Solution 2: Delete cache files from your computer

Another troubleshooting option suggested in the forum involves clearing all Microsoft Teams cache files. To do so, follow the steps below:

– Exit the Microsoft Teams App
– Go to the File Explorer and key in appdataMicrosoftteams
– Then keep following the steps as shown in the image below.

Click/tap to view (Source)

Any of these workarounds should work magic, but some Microsoft Teams users have found this to be a temporary solution since the arrow keys stop working again after some time.

Let’s hope Microsoft comes up with a permanent solution soon.

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