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Microsoft Teams and Firefox have finally decided to combine forces — meaning that users of these services can no longer blame unsupported browsers for being late to meetings.

Up until now, Firefox browsers looking to join a Teams call would be redirected to other browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. And for those lucky enough to get through, the call quality would be shaky at best.

Thankfully, in a bid to “improve meeting support” for its users, Microsoft Teams recently pledged to make its software compatible with the Firefox web browser. This is part of a broader effort from the software company to make its video conferencing software more accessible.

Microsoft Has Decided to Support Teams in Firefox

Since the start of the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has amassed more than 270 million monthly users. Unfortunately, up until now, many users have had to overcome a series of barriers before they could use the video conferencing software.

Previously, when individuals tried to use the platform on Mozilla Firefox – the US’s fourth most commonly used web browser – they were told that the browser was unsupported. They would then be asked to download the software’s desktop client, which after a long-winded process, would allow them to make a call.

Even for users who eventually made it through to their call, they would be met with glitchy video and audio and faulty desktop, window, and app sharing functions.

And Firefox users weren’t alone, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers were often met with similar fates.

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