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On Patchday in July, Microsoft released more than 110 security updates. This closes weaknesses in Bing, Dynamics, Exchange Server, Internet Explorer, Office, OpenEnclave, Visual Studio and Windows, among others. Thirteen gaps are as “criticalFour Windows vulnerabilities are currently being exploited by attackers. Five vulnerabilities are known to the public and attacks could begin at any time.

The PrintNightmare vulnerability (CVE-2021-34527), for which Microsoft published an emergency update before Patchday, is considered particularly dangerous. If attacks are successful, attackers could execute malicious code with system rights.

Two of the exploited vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-31979, CVE-2021-33771) affect the Windows kernel. Here attackers could acquire higher user rights in a way that is not described in detail. Microsoft, on the other hand, classifies the updates as “important“a. The classification of an exploited vulnerability (CVE-2021-34448) in the Scripting Engine is considered to be”criticalFor attacks to be successful, attackers have to lure victims to specially crafted websites. Subsequent execution of malicious code is conceivable.

The publicly known vulnerabilities are candidates for upcoming attacks. They affect Active Directory, ADFS, Exchange Server and Windows Certificate. An Exchange vulnerability (CVE-2021-34473) is considered to be “critical“.

A critical kernel vulnerability (CVE-2021-34458, CVSS Score 9.9) concerns the handling of virtual machines and attackers could access host systems. Microsoft’s virus scanner Defender is susceptible to malicious code attacks (CVE-2021-34464, CVE-2021-34522). Here, too, the assessment applies as “critical“.

Windows users should ensure that Windows Update is active and the latest security patches are installed. In the unfortunately confusing Security Update Guide from Microsoft you can find more information about the individual gaps.


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