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Microsoft has launched an immersive virtual datacenter experience that provides a digital tour of a typical Microsoft datacenter via a PC or mobile device.

The virtual datacenter enables visitors to virtually explore the hidden world of datacenters so that they can learn how the Microsoft Cloud actually works. It provides information about the datacenters’ infrastructure, sustainable design and operations, and how they deliver worldwide physical and digital security.

Finally, the virtual datacenter provides a glimpse of the future – including servers kept cool in tanks of boiling liquid and modular underwater datacenters powered by locally produced renewable energy.

At present, the tech giant operates more than 200 data centers spanning 34 countries around the world. Further, the company has pledged to expand Azure Availability Zones (AZs) to every country in which it operates a datacenter region by the end of 2021. AZs protect customer applications and data from datacenter failures with independent power, cooling, and networking.

Microsoft has also accelerated the growth of its cloud datacenter footprint in Asia, expanding from seven to eleven markets to empower customers with faster access to the cloud. Recently, the company opened its first-ever datacenter region in Malaysia which will help generate up to USD4.6 billion in new revenues and create over 19,000 new jobs.

According to a recent research by IDC, Microsoft’s most recent datacenter expansions, along with its ecosystem of partners and customers, are expected to generate over USD21 billion in new revenue and create more than 110,000 jobs, including nearly 19,900 new skilled IT jobs, in Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan during the next four years.

Furthermore, Microsoft aims to become carbon negative and water positive companywide by 2030. By 2025, the company will replace 100 percent of carbon emitting electricity consumed at datacenters, buildings and campuses with power purchase agreements for green energy.

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