#microsoft | #microsoftsecurity | PC Perspective Podcast #605 – RX6800 & 6800XT Review, Intel / AMD History, Microsoft Security Chip + More!

AMD is now totally killing it with their GPUs! We take a deep dive on the testing we did on the game-changing RX6800 & RX6800xt models. TL;DR: They’re totally worth it, if you can get one.

We discuss the performance history of Intel and AMD, a new Microsoft security chip (ala the T2), Android phones home no matter what it seems, Starwars Squadrons is getting a big update too! Plus we review the be quiet! Silent Base 802.

Once again, It’s a long show, go get a beverage.

Burger Warning! There’s a tasty segment early on, look away if you’re hungry.

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Our podcast sponsors tonight are by be quiet! with their 280mm Pure Loop liquid cooler and Linked In jobs – “Find your next hire, fast!”

Finally: No show for the week of Thanksgiving, enjoy the time with your family and friends hopefully!

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