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Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Defender for individuals, a new app to help users stay on top of their security across different devices. Microsoft Defender is part of the Microsoft 365 subscription for consumers, and it’s available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Microsoft Defender is meant to be a hub for all the security protections Microsoft can offer on your device. It lets you see information about the security status of each of your devices, and since it links with your Microsoft account, you can see all your devices on the same app, so it becomes easier to manage it all in one place. The app can also deliver instant security alerts and tips to help you stay secure on each of your devices.

Of course, it’s more than just a dashboard, and Microsoft Defender also includes its own malware protection engine. This doesn’t apply to platforms that have this protection built-in, such as Windows itself (Windows Security includes malware protection) and iOS. On Android and macOS, though, the added layer of protection might be useful. And if you already have a third-party solution for malware protection, Microsoft Defender can recognize it, too, so it won’t necessarily push you to use Microsoft’s service if you already have something you prefer.

The Microsoft Defender app has already been listed on app stores for a while, so this isn’t an entirely surprising announcement. Microsoft says it decided to launch this product because of the large amount of feedback it received from families, so it’s now bringing the same kind of protection it offers for businesses to consumers.

More features will be coming to Microsoft Defender for individuals in the future, too. Microsoft says it’s working to add identity theft protection and “secure online connection” to the suite of features, making the app even more useful. If you have a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription, you can download Microsoft Defender starting today from your device’s app store.

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