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Microsoft reportedly added a new gaming shortcut to the latest version of Edge Canary. As expected, many users are unhappy with the added bloat.

As part of Microsoft‘s persistent efforts to get people to use its Edge browser instead of Chrome, Firefox, or any other, the company is now reportedly adding browser games to try and make the software more inviting to users. Microsoft’s desperation to get people to use Edge has been scaling new heights over the past year. Last month, the browser reportedly started showing popup warnings to users trying to download Chrome.

Microsoft originally launched Edge in 2015 as a replacement for the universally-hated Internet Explorer. It did not create the splash Microsoft was hoping for, and the company eventually ditched its EdgeHTML engine in favor of Chromium, the same codebase that Google Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, and a whole host of other popular browsers are based on. The new Chromium Edge got a better reception from both users and the media, but it has yet to create a dent in Chrome’s market share.


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According to a Reddit post last week, Microsoft added a new gaming panel to the latest version of Edge Canary. The feature can be activated by a toggle within the ‘Appearance‘ settings, and once activated, it adds a gaming shortcut to the address bar. Clicking on the button displays a popup panel that seemingly pulls content from MSN Games. The feature is not available to all Edge Canary users, which means the company is probably using it for a/b testing, or has already pulled it again.

Another Form Of Bloat?

Microsoft Edge browser games
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Complaints about the new bloatware are already piling up, and it’s understandable. Browsers are supposed to be fast and lightweight, and the last thing people want are additional ‘features’ that add bloat and slow down the software. It’s even less enticing when it’s just a basic website wrapper for Microsoft’s online video games portal, and brings nothing new to the table that users cannot get by vising the actual website. It’s not immediately clear how the gaming panel works in real life, but it is certainly not something most people need on a day-to-day basis while trying to get various tasks done on the internet.

Microsoft has done a decent job of creating a web-browser that’s relatively popular and ticks all the right boxes. The Edge browser is fast, offers good privacy features, and is compatible with extensions on the Chrome webstore, all of which make it an enticing proposition. However, Microsoft has to now take care that it doesn’t rub its users the wrong way by introducing random ‘features’ that increases bloat, slows down the system, or just annoys its users.

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Source: Leopeva64-2/Reddit


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