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Addressing security concerns associated with the growing momentum for edge computing, Microsoft is making its Edge Secured-core program for Windows-based Internet of Things (IoT) devices generally available.

Added as a new certification under the Azure Certified Device program, Edge Secured-core is for IoT devices running a full operating system, such as Windows 10 IoT or Linux. While support for Windows 10 IoT is generally available, it is still in preview for Linux.

IoT devices at the network edge pose an enormous security challenge. Networks of  IoT devices, transmitting data back to enterprise systems for analysis, have multiple points of weakness.

Citing an in-house study conducted in collaboration with Poneman Institute, Charles Broadfoot, senior program manager at Microsoft, said in a blog post that about 65 per cent of companies adopting IoT solutions mentioned edge security as their topmost priority. Devices that are targeted in IoT attacks can be bricked, held for ransom, or exploited to launch further attacks.

The common attacks associated with the IoT devices include stolen IP, data theft, and compromised regulatory status, Broadfoot added.

What does an Edge Secure-core device include?

To meet security requirements for IoT devices, Edge Secure-core certified devices will address issues such as device identity, secure boot, operating system hardening, device updates, data protection, and vulnerability disclosures.

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