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The battles of the Chromium based web browsers, two of the most popular in the world while at it, is now on its next chapter. Microsoft Edge will be receiving an update in the coming days for Windows 10 and macOS which gives it under-the-hood tweaks that will allow for faster and more consistent performance. The update for Edge for desktops is now rolling out and will make tweaks to the behavior, such as reduce animations for certain tabs that aren’t active. The Microsoft Edge version 91 update should allow you to, once the update is available, experience faster web browsing with multiple tabs open, as compared with the Google Chrome browser. Mind you, the performance boost will have to be manually enabled in the Edge browser. It is expected that the stable release of Edge 91 will arrive in the latter part of May.

For this, you need to open Edge version 91, go to Settings -> System. Here, you will spot an optimize performance section. From the drop-down menu, select “always on”. However, it must be said that the performance improvements that you notice, at least on Windows 10 PCs, will also depend on the hardware that the PC runs (such as the processor, RAM and storage) and also on your usage habits. The Edge performance updates have been happening for a while now. Microsoft had earlier rolled out the feature that significantly reduced the activity and resource consumption for tabs that were not in use for a particular duration of time, to reduce the load on the processor and RAM, and allow the active tabs and the browser in general to be more responsive. It is good to note that Microsoft is actively adding performance tweaks to the Edge web browser, which runs on the same foundations as the Google Chrome browser, though the latter has often been criticized by users for being resource intensive.

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