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The best reason to use Edge over Chrome is getting even better

Modern browsers have moved on from offering bookmarks as the sole way to save interesting bits you find surfing through the vastness of the internet. Each browser now serves up something unique, and on Microsoft Edge, it’s Collections, which by the way is so useful that it single-handedly makes you want to ditch Chrome for good. Compared to Chrome’s Reading List, Collections is a lot more intuitive in that it lets you save images and text snippets along with webpages — while also doing a better job at organizing them. It’s safe to say that the feature was already superior, but with a new upgrade, it’s gotten even better, leaving the Chrome counterpart in the dust.


The list of additions is topped by a brand-new inspiration feed that’ll suggest fresh content related to the stuff you’ve saved into your Collections, right from the Collections tab — that little slide-out window has gotten a little more multi-purposed now. Another new section within it will let you access any new content posted by your favorite creators, as Edge will soon also let you follow channels and persons on websites like YouTube, Bilibili, and TikTok. Only a few sites will support this initially, but Microsoft promises more in the future.

Aside from all that, a new feature will let you save images and videos you’d like to access later simply by hovering over them and using one of two icons that show up — the one on top will do the saving, while the bottom one will fire up Visual Search, which works very similar to Google Lens (you can tell that from the very familiar-looking icon). It’s not that the previous method where you had to use the right-click menu to stash away images was bad in any way — the new menu is simply more convenient and also looks better.

While Visual Search has already started showing for us, the upgrades to Collections may take some time — Microsoft says they’ll be rolling out “over the next few months,” and when they do, you’ll get an update prompt within your Collections pane. Needless to say, all of these changes are desktop-specific, and it isn’t clear what the mobile version of Edge will be getting to reflect on these.

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