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Microsoft Edge’s new auto alt-text image feature is expected to help the blind and users with low vision.  

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A view of the new Microsoft Surface Laptop following a Microsoft launch event, May 2, 2017 in New York City. The Windows 10 S operating system is geared toward the education market and is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS.

 Microsoft Edge Auto Alt Text Image Feature To Help Browser Users With Low Vision—Even Blind Individuals

(Photo : Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
A new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 sit on display at a media event for new Microsoft products on October 6, 2015 in New York City. Microsoft also unveiled a virtual reality gaming head set titled the HoloLens, a laptop titled the Surface Book and a phone titled the Lumia 950.

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“Microsoft Edge will now provide auto-generated alt text for images that do not include it,” said Travis Leithead, the Microsoft Edge program manager, via their official blog post. 

He added that the Edge browser’s new feature is an assistive tech specifically developed to allow users to identify what the image is all about quickly. 

Some of you may be asking how can a blind user read the auto-generated alt text. This is where a screen reader comes in. 

Friends or family members of blind people need to install a screen reader so that their computer can generate audio that reads the alt text aloud, allowing the blind user to hear it.  

How Edge’s New Feature Works? 

To use the new auto alt-text image feature, Microsoft Edge needs to connect to Microsoft servers. The browser will send image data anonymously. 

After that, the data image will be processed by artificial intelligence that can identify the elements in the photo. 

This will allow the Edge browser to generate accurate image labels for the unlabeled photos. If you want to see more details about the new function of Microsoft Edge, you can visit this link. 

In other news, some leakers claimed that the popular File Explorer Tabs feature is back in Windows 11. Meanwhile, the new partnership between Microsoft and AT&T is expected to use the telecom giant’s 5G equipment to enhance Azure Cloud’s speed. 

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