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Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Edge 104 has rolled out to the Beta channel. It features the usual policy updates but does not come with any features.

Here’s the full changelog:

New policies

  • AllowedDomainsForApps – Define domains allowed to access Google Workspace
  • AskBeforeCloseEnabled – Get user confirmation before closing a browser window with multiple tabs
  • BrowserCodeIntegritySetting – Configure browser process code integrity guard setting
  • DoubleClickCloseTabEnabled – Double Click feature in Microsoft Edge enabled (only available in China)
  • ImportOnEachLaunch – Allow import of data from other browsers on each Microsoft Edge launch
  • QuickSearchShowMiniMenu – Enables Microsoft Edge mini menu
  • PasswordManagerRestrictLengthEnabled – Restrict the length of passwords that can be saved in the Password Manager
  • PDFXFAEnabled – XFA support in native PDF reader enabled
  • TextPredictionEnabled – Text prediction enabled by default

Obsoleted policy

  • U2fSecurityKeyApiEnabled – Allow using the deprecated U2F Security Key API

As usual, if you’re an Edge Insider, this latest release should automatically install for you. If that is not the case you can trigger the update by visiting Edge’s settings menu, then click on Help and Feedback, select About Microsoft Edge, and then wait for the browser to download an update. For now, Microsoft Edge version 103 is in the Stable Channel and it came with gaming features like Clarity Boost and Gaming Hub.


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