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Don’t panic just yet; the false flag happened due to a simple mistake.

Antivirus programs are a must-have when browsing the internet, but they’re not always perfect. Reports have come in across the internet that Microsoft Defender flagged a Google Chrome update as bad, but fret not; it all happened due to a misunderstanding.

Why Did Microsoft Defender Flag a Google Chrome Update as Bad?

As reported by Neowin, people from forums and websites around the world are reporting Microsoft Defender accusing Google Chrome of being a malicious program. Fortunately, Microsoft has since confirmed that the detection is a false positive, so you shouldn’t fear that you’re downloading something sinister onto your PC if you update Chrome.

So, why did Microsoft Defender think Google Chrome’s update was a bad egg? Lots of conspiracy theories may swirl in your mind, such as a not-so-discreet way for Microsoft to stop Google Chrome’s dominance on the browser market and convince people to make the jump to Edge instead.

Fortunately, the truth is a lot more innocent; the Google Chrome update wasn’t properly signed. Signing code is important because the signature confirms that the code hasn’t been tampered with since its creation. And because the update files weren’t properly signed, Microsoft Defender took the safe route and blocked it.

As such, if you encountered this issue, you need not worry. Your PC is totally fine and Google Chrome has not been compromised.


A Little Dent to Microsoft Defender’s Reputation?

Unfortunately, these mild panics aren’t great for Microsoft Defender. It has only just risen to become a powerful antivirus solution, with AVTest giving it excellent scores a few months ago.

And while this problem wasn’t really Microsoft Defender’s fault, it’s bound to catch some flak for scaring people into thinking something is wrong. As such, Microsoft is likely hoping that people stick with Defender and won’t jump to a third-party solution after this mistake.

All’s Well With Chrome on Windows

With Microsoft Defender’s little hiccup, its good reputation may be tarnished in the minds of its users. However, given how well it works, plus the powerful updates it has received in recent months, it’s not worth scrapping it over such a small issue.

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