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Meta’s Facebook PR Head John Pinette now leaves the company, and it does not come at a worse time as a fire is lit under the company, which faces the “Facebook Papers” scandal now. An expose against Facebook is live for the public to see, and this is something that brings shame to the company’s actions, as well as its internal activities. 

Meta’s Facebook PR Head Leaves the Company Amidst Issues

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Several reports from the Wall Street Journal point out the departure of Meta Facebook’s former head of Public Relations, John Pinette. The executive’s departure happened last Friday to which he announced to his team and the employees of Facebook, with this, leaving the social media to what it currently faces. 

The executive became the head of PR in 2019, and since then, Pinette has taken charge of most of the company’s external communications. He is with Facebook amidst the issues starting with the first disputes of the pandemic and the slurs that Frances Haugen threw at the company, further descending into its chaos.

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‘Facebook Papers’ Scandal Puts the Issues of Meta to Light  

The many “PR fires” that Pinette experienced while on Facebook are a lot to bear, especially as the company does not have the capabilities that it needs to clean up its image. The “Facebook Papers” from WSJ also collated the many reports against the company, as well as an exposé to the unfair practices of social media. 

Meta’s Issues and the Many Happenings from Within

There are almost ten days into the start of 2022, but Meta is already making the headlines for the many issues and disputes, especially the existing ones from last year. It still holds the title and record for being the worst company of 2021, and this is despite the name change that social media did to clear up its image among the public.

The rampant display of fake news and misinformation in the platform has been one of the focuses of the many lawsuits that the company faced and is still hashing out in court. People left and boycotted social media for a long time now, even before it became the center or focus of the disputes that people bring up against them. 

There are a lot of executives that left Meta in 2021 as well, suggesting that it is in chaos, internally; with its heads being the top people to blame for any problem present. Pinette is a highly-regarded executive in the company, and his departure comes at a trying time for the company, especially with the immense pressure to clear everything up.

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