Maynard woman loses $1,900 due to Bitcoin scam in Sudbury | #phishing | #scams

SUDBURY — Police say that for at least the third time this year, someone has fallen victim to a Bitcoin scam in town.

On Wednesday afternoon, a Maynard woman was attempting to buy $10,000 of BItcoin from a Bitcoin ATM at Sudbury Sundries, 100 Boston Post Road (Route 20), police spokesman Lt. John Perodeau said Thursday.

“She got a call from someone claiming to be from Social Security and (they) told her there was a problem with her Social Security number,” he said. “In order to fix it, she had to send $10,000 via Bitcoin.”

The woman, whom Perodeau described as being a senior, had put $1,900 into the Bitcoin ATM when the machine stopped accepting money for an unknown reason. 

“The clerk noticed what was happening and told her it was a scam and they should call police,” Perodeau said.

The woman had sent the code for the $1,900 to the scammer and is likely out of that money, but she retained another $8,100 that would have likely been lost. Perodeau said it’s common for scammers to ask for $10,000 initially, then seek more later.

This is the third time this year that police know of someone falling victim to a Bitcoin scam and using the ATM at Sudbury Sundries. In June, a Lincoln woman had purchased $30,000 worth of Bitcoin, but a clerk stopped her from sending the code because they recognized it as a scam.

A Bitcoin ATM inside Framingham Liquors on Marble Street in Framingham, June 9, 2022. This is not the machine used by a woman who was scammed out of $1,900 in Bitcoin earlier this week.

Another person sent $50,000 in May. Police are hoping they can get the money back, Perodeau said.

A clerk who answered the phone Thursday at Sudbury Sundries referred quries to the store owner, who could not be reached.

Perodeau said people need to take care — no legitimate business or government agency would demand payment via Bitcoin or cold call someone demanding money.

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