May 2022 Google Play System Updates Are Now Live | #android | #security

Google is bringing some nifty features to Android devices via the May Google Play system updates. Prominent among the inclusions is a new self-sharing option on Nearby Share, plus a redesigning of the Google Help app, to name a few.

The self-sharing option on Nearby Share allows users to share files between their own devices. Since the files are shared between trusted devices, users won’t have to accept the sharing request on the receiving device manually. Meanwhile, the Google Help redesign is fairly minor, but it’s likely to get a Material You makeover soon (via 9to5Google).

The rest of the changelog accompanying the May 2022 Google Play system updates remains unchanged. Each monthly Google update includes Google Play Services, the Play Store, and the Google Play system updates. Users can check for an update to Play Services by heading over to its listing on the Play Store. Tap ‘Update’ if it’s available to ensure your device is on the latest version.

The system updates also include security enhancements

Meanwhile, updating the Play Store requires the users to tap their avatar in the corner, followed by Settings. You will then find an option to “Update Play Store” under the About section. Lastly, Google Play system updates can be installed by heading over to Settings – About phone – Android version – Google Play system update.

Although Google rolls out the update every month, some users have to wait at least a month to get it. Hopefully, Google can work towards diminishing that gap with future system updates for Android. The May 2022 Google Play update also brings a series of security enhancements in line with most monthly updates. The changelog still mentions improvements to Play Points and Play Pass, which were originally part of the April 2022 update. You can check out the entire changelog from Google’s support page.

The latest iteration of Play Store (version 30.3) and Google Play Services (version 22.15) started rolling out this week. However, there’s no timeline for the May 2022 Google Play system update. But it’s safe to assume that this update will begin seeding over the next few days. Be sure to check for the Google Play system updates on your Android device.

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