Massive rise in 083 scam calls as Today FM host Matt Cooper jokes about fraudsters | #phishing | #scams

There has been another massive rise in the number of people being affected by scam calls from an 083 phone number which claims to be from the Department of Health or the Department of Social Protection.

Gardai and the Department of Social Protection have issued another warning to the public over a complex phishing scam where fraudsters pretend to be from the Revenue.

The spike in scams since the outbreak of the pandemic is continuing, with hundreds of people being affected this week.

Gardai have said that there has been a “continual increase” of cases involving an elaborate phishing scam that has proven to be popular among thieves.

In terms of what the scam involves, criminals are making bogus phone calls and sending scam text messages to individuals whereby they’re pretending to be a member of An Garda Síochána or the Department of Social Protection.

And Today FM host Matt Cooper was one of the latest people to be affected.

He tweeted: “Just got my 083 scam call claiming to be from the Department of Social Protection saying I’m under investigation! Was beginning to feel left out.”

Within an hour, he had received a second call.

People flooded his replies with their own stories.

One user said: “Prepare yourself. I was the same then got 7 versions of the same call off 7 different 083 numbers” while a second added: “There is a warrant out for my arrest … money laundering no less.”

Some said that they were rung dozens of times before being left alone by the scammers. One tweeted said: “Just another 23 calls to go this week so Matt before they leave you alone”

But some took the opportunity to poke fun at the whole situation with one tricksters saying: “I rang the revenue this morning and turned myself in for money laundering but they said not to worry because it was a hoax call. What hoax call?!”

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