Martin Lewis says he’s ‘left in tears’ by scammers as he issues warning on GMB | #socialmedia

Martin Lewis has admitted to being left in tears by scammers.

The Money Saving Expert appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning to discuss his fight against paid scam adverts with Susanna Reid and Ed Balls.

Martin, 49, has led a letter to the Prime Minister calling for the scams to be included in the Online Safety Bill.

The consumer champion has long campaigned against bogus ads using his face to lure users, and wants tech giants to be held responsible under new laws.

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Holly Willoughby, Phillip Scofield, Robbie Williams, and Lorraine Kelly are among the fellow famous faces who have signed Martin’s joint letter.

Speaking passionately about the subject on GMB, Martin urged people to be vigilant of celebrity scam adverts.

“These scammers are clever commercial thieves,” he said. “They will understand there is now going to be less scrutiny on the adverts than the user-generated content so the bill the government is going to put through Parliament is going to promote more scam adverts.

Martin was talking to Susanna Reid and Ed Balls

“They’re not just gonna ignore our call to regulate scam adverts. They are actively doing something that will mean more scam adverts. It is outrageously frustrating.”

Martin also spoke about how he personally affected by the same which see people conned out of thousands of pounds by fraudsters using his, and other celebrities, images.

“We face an epidemic of scams in the UK,” he said.

“I have spent 20 years trying to help people protect themselves as consumers and to have my name and face utilised in this way by scammers to steal people’s money is devastating. It leaves me in tears.

“I probably shouldn’t say this but it is only my wish that Boris Johnson, who we have written to today, was as trusted as me and the other people in the letters – so that the scammers were using his face to rip people off.

Martin spoke passionately on the subject

“If they were using the Prime Minister’s face to rip people off, I suspect I wouldn’t have to be fighting as hard to get scam adverts covered in this online safety bill.”

While user-generated scams will be covered by the Online Safety Bill, as well as a wide range of areas such as terrorism and child sexual exploitation, paid scam advertising will not.

A Government spokesperson said a response to the letter will be issued “in due course”.

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