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MARIETTA, OH — The Marietta Police Department is investigating a number of Marietta City School employees’ emails being hacked. It was just released that Marietta Superintendent Will Hampton reached out to the Marietta Police last week. It was reported to the police that a number of employees’ email accounts could have been compromised since 2018.

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Marietta Police Captain Aaron Nedeff says this email hack only targeted a number of school administrators. “It wasn’t like any student email information was hacked.” It isn’t publicly known how the culprit was able to get into the administrators’ emails in the first place, but they aren’t able to now.

Nedeff said that now it’s a matter of finding out who was going into these emails. “From what they can tell they were just reading emails.” It isn’t clear what the motive for the hack was.

He wanted it to be known that no student emails appear to have been hacked. “It wasn’t like school information, it was emails.” To be clear, it was the administrators’ Marietta City Schools emails that had been compromised, not their personal accounts. “Once they figured out how they got in, they were able to figure out where they had been inside.” He said they only got into administration email accounts.

Nedeff said as of now there’s been no arrest or indictment, they’re just investigating. “When you’re talking about computers and IP searches, it requires a lot of subpoenas, so it may take a while before we get any hard information.” But he did say that they’re off to a good start.

The Marietta City School District has been reached for comment. This story will be updated if they reach out.

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