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The March 2022 Android security patch is now available to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in the US. Both carrier-locked and unlocked variants of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra are receiving this month’s security update stateside.

The new update for the carrier-locked units of the latest Samsung flagship trio is currently available on Comcast and Xfinity Mobile’s network. Units on other carrier networks should also soon join the March security update party. The updated firmware version for the phones is S90xUSQU1AVC8.

As for the carrier-unlocked versions of the Galaxy S22 trio, users on all major US wireless carriers should now be able to download the March SMR (security maintenance release). The new update for these phones comes with firmware version S90xU1UEU1AVC8.

Galaxy S22 gets March update in the US

Samsung has already detailed the content of this month’s security patch. It brings fixes for over 50 vulnerabilities, with the majority of them coming from Google. Judging by those build numbers, the latest update for the US-bound Galaxy S22 units also likely brings something more. Perhaps the changes that Samsung has been rolling out to its Games Optimization Service (GOS) globally have reached the US. Unfortunately, we don’t have the changelog handy to confirm that.

For the uninitiated, Samsung found itself in a massive controversy earlier this month after it was discovered that GOS was artificially limiting the performance of several popular apps on Galaxy smartphones. Users could not even disable this throttling. This behavior has already attracted a potential investigation from the Korean watchdog. Samsung Vice Chairman and co-CEO Han Jong-hee also recently apologized publicly for this.

The company would now be itching to leave this controversy behind and move on from it as quickly as possible. The company has already released the promised GOS-related update to the Galaxy S22 series in several global markets. We hope the US-bound units are also getting those changes with the latest update.

The Galaxy S22 series was the first to get the March SMR from Samsung. The update was released in the last week of February, but with limited availability. Over the past three weeks, the new software patch has rolled out to the latest Galaxy flagships in most international markets. The US-bound Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra are also now receiving the March update. If you are using any of the three models in the US, you should receive the new update in the coming days if you haven’t already.

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