Mandiant and Interos join forces to advance supply chain cyber risk management | #itsecurity | #infosec

Mandiant, Inc. and Interos, an operational resilience company, has announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced insights and analysis to help enterprises defend against cyber attacks and other threats to their operational resilience. The collaborative partnership is designed to bring to market new intelligence based on insights gleaned from the Interos Resilience Lab, as well as Interos’ SaaS platform, and the frontline investigations and remediations Mandiant conducts regarding high impact cyber attacks worldwide.

Mandiant M-Trends 2022 report shows that global supply chains remain an attractive target for threat actors who seek to take advantage of trusted business-to-business relationships, as attacking the supply chain provides an opportunity to pivot from one supplier network into multiple customer networks at once. In fact, when the initial infection vector was identified, supply chain compromise accounted for 17 per cent of intrusions investigated by Mandiant in 2021, compared to less than a per cent in 2020.

Further, new data from Interos’ 2022 Annual Global Supply Chain Report reveals that organizations have been impacted by on average three significant supply chain disruptions within the last 12 months (not including the Ukraine war) – costing a combined US$ 182 million in lost revenue. Cyber attacks account for US$ 37 million of that figure. Additionally, the overwhelming majority (91 per cent) of executives reported that their organizations had experienced supply chain disruptions from Tier II and Tier III suppliers in their extended supply chain.

“Interos is focused on helping organizations ensure operational resilience; continuously delivering in-depth analysis on criticality for risk, and risk management,” said Marshall Heilman, Chief Technology Officer, Mandiant.

Heilman adds, “Together with Interos, Mandiant will be able to proactively problem solve with a company that is leading the way in ensuring organizations of all sizes understand key attack vectors across supply chain, threat actors and nation state threats.”

“The CISA warning is more evidence that existing supply chain risk management systems were not designed for today’s complex risk environment,” said Nishant Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Interos.

Gupta added, “Our collaboration with Mandiant will provide multi-factor risk intelligence to help commercial and government organizations better protect targeted entities in their third-party relationships to insulate them from disruption, ransomware, and IP theft. We’re proud to partner with Mandiant to help leaders discover hidden business relationships and exposure to cyber vulnerabilities.”


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