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John Wu, the creator of Magisk, an Android open-source root injection and root management tool has joined the ranks at Google, as per his latest tweets. The well-known developer was on the Siri core platform internship at Apple in 2019 – only to start a full-time job at Apple (in early 2020) working on the Machine Translation software. Now, John will join the very company, of which he helped million gain root access.

His profile at one of the biggest technology companies in the world is to be a part of the Android Platform Security Team. Yes, folks, the team responsible for full-proofing the Android framework from notorious vulnerabilities and ensuring the safety of development practices followed by associated app developers.

Android has over 2.5 billion devices worldwide and securing the ecosystem is Google’s priority. This core team of the best developers makes sure the users are safeguarded from any attacks or don’t fall victim to notorious developer’s agenda.

John is a natural choice for securing the Google framework since he understands the aspects of Google security and the operating system so well. His knowledge of the Android boot process, verified boot, SafetyNet, and much more will definitely benefit Google.

On his Twitter handle, John tweeted that he has the flexibility to continue working on his existing projects with this job profile. That tweet was however later deleted which leaves us to believe that he was not clear on that front.

We can only assume, Wu will have some restriction working on Magisk since it directly conflicts with the nature of his current position at Google. Although he is no longer the main man at the Magisk Manager app, he still is the lead maintainer at Magisk.

It will become clear in the coming weeks what will be Wu’s role for both the apps and how much flexibility Google will permit him for his ventures. For now, one thing is clear, Google’s security team is surely going to be a lot tougher to beat with Wu now a part of it.

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