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Twitter – the powerful social platform now lets Android users customize the app’s navigation bar. So far, the feature was already available to the consumers running their devices on the iOS interface, but, it remained extinct for the Android version.

According to the information, from May onwards, Twitter initiated the testing for the customizable navigation bar feature for Android. Consequently, the custom navigation feature expels the Spaces icon that appears in the middle of the navigation bar.

Further, it allows you to remove unwanted tabs from the display list of the application. As a result, you can either reduce the tabs to two or one or can keep all the tabs on the display panel as default accordingly.

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New Feature – Only for Twitter Blue!

A notable point that arises here is that Android users subscribed to the Twitter Blue program will only be able to fetch the new feature. Yes! unfortunately, no such feature is available for the free Twitter app. Hence, to access the thoughtful feature, users need to sign up for the monthly subscription of Twitter Blue for $2.99.

On the flip side, while exploring more of the reports, we found that at some point, individuals using the Twitter platform could still face some consequences. Compared to the free application, Twitter Blue has a lot to offer its users. Yet, it can’t help from every obstacle that blocks the way to the smooth functioning of the app.

This gets proven when Twitter declares the inclusion of new information in the banner which activates Spaces at the top of the users’ timeline. Sadly, there is no option to entirely disable the banner feature, neither for the free or Blue application.

On the other hand, the banner will eventually read out the users’ info from the Space. For instance, who’s hosting the Space, sharing a tweet in the Space, and other relevant topics. Let’s see how these new implements will make the app better for the users!


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