#macsecurity | #operatingsystem | This Kickstarter-Funded Drive Makes it Easy to Transfer Data Between Apple Devices

Entrepreneurs tend to juggle a lot of files. Between your computer, phone, hard drives, cloud storage, and more, there are loads of places you keep data. But when you have information stored in so many places, it isn’t always readily accessible. If you’re in need of a tool to keep your most important files secure and easily found, look no further than the iKlips C Apple Lightning/USB-C Flash Drive.

This tiny gadget was successfully funded on Kickstarter and won a 2019 German Design Award because it’s so functional. It’s a palm-sized file manager that keeps all of your data safe and extremely shareable in an instant. With iKlips, you can share files easily between iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC without ever connecting to the internet. All of your data is shared directly between devices, limiting opportunities for prying eyes to see your documents. iKlips also encrypts all files with a password, Touch ID, or Face ID, giving you an extra degree of security.

With the iKlips iOS app, you can effortlessly manage files, record videos, and take pictures and store them directly to your iKlips for easy access later. iKlips also supports multiple file formats and provides automatic data and photo backups while your smartphone is wirelessly charging.

Back up, share, secure, and transfer data seamlessly, regardless of the device you’re using, with the iKlips C Apple Lightning/USB-C Flash Drive. Right now, you can get a 128GB drive for 21 percent off $179 at just $139.99, or a 256GB drive for 26 percent off $299 at just $219.

This Kickstarter-Funded Drive Makes it Easy to Transfer Data Between Apple Devices
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