#macsecurity | #operatingsystem | How to lock or erase your lost phone or computer?

If you have lost your phone or laptop, then the first step is to protect the data from getting into other’s hands. See how to lock or erase your data.

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Your mobile phone, laptop, etc contains important data such as office files, personal documents and other details. If you end up losing your mobile phone, tablet or computer, it is important to lock or erase the data immediately in order to protect it from getting into other’s hands.

For securing your data you must be signed in to your Google account. If your phone, tablet, or laptop is lost or stolen, follow these steps to help secure your device. In case you cannot get your device back, then take these steps to help protect your data.

Step 1: First, secure the lost device (phone, tablet, or Chromebook).

If you have lost your phone, then try to ring, lock, or sign out on your device.

If you have lost a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, then quickly change your Google account password as the computer are not listed under’find your phone’.

  • Open a browser. Surf in the private mode if you are using someone else’s device
  • Open your Google account
  • Go to the’security’ section and find ‘your devices’
  • Choose ‘manage devices’
  • Then, select the lost phone, tablet, or Chromebook. You will see the when was the device used for last time in which city
  • Select ‘sign out’ next to ‘account access’
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions in order to remove access to your Google account and other connected applications on your device
  • In case you are successful in finding your device, then you can sign in to your Google account again.

If you have lost your phone or tablet,

  • You can also select ‘find a lost device’
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to know other ways to find or secure your device.

Note: In case you are using someone else’s device, make sure to sign out by closing private browsing mode after you are done.

What to do if your device is not listed?

  • Make sure that you are signed in to the right Google account on the device you are currently using
  • It is important that the lost device be signed in to your Google account on a Google application, like Gmail or YouTube
  • If your device is still not listed, then change your Google account password.

Step 2: Change the password of your Google account.

Your Google Account password is the same for Chrome and other Google products, like Gmail and YouTube.

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Go to the’security’ section and select ‘sign in to Google’
  • Then, choose a password(You may require to sign-in)
  • Enter your new password
  • Then select ‘change password’
  • And change password.

Step 3: Change the passwords that are saved.

If someone else has your lost device, then change the passwords that were saved on your device or Google Account.

  • Go to passwords.google.com
  • Then, sign in to your Google account
  • Look at the list of’saved passwords’. (This list only consists of passwords saved on your account and not your lost device)
  • To change each password, open the application or visit to the site
  • Then, change your password.

(Source: Google help)

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