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GANZ Bridge is an all-in-one analytics appliance that enables the rapid application an advanced video analytics engine to compatible RTSP and ONVIF IP cameras, VMSs, NVRs, and PSIM servers.

  • Add intelligent analytics to existing IP camera installations
  • Use standalone or with popular VMSs
  • Supports 4 channels @ 1080p and up to 16 channels at D1 resolution
  • Instantly receive alerts via VMS, Email or HTTP
  • Configure rules and review events via web browser on any device (Via Chrome on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS*, Android)
  • Internal 500GB HDD for pre/post alarm storage


Over 200,000 channels of VCA Technology’s analytics have already been deployed on PC and embedded platforms. GANZbridge can upgrade any compatible IP camera, VMS, NVR or PSIM with a best-in-class analytics solution with no performance impact.


A HTML5 web based configuration interface supports con- figuration of detection rules on a range of desktop, mobile devices and browsers. Supported device platforms include Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.


GANZbridge contains built-in support for a range of selected VMS, NVR and PSIM platforms. Simply power on and download and install the corresponding plug-in on the partner system. Depending on the capabilities of the VMS, enjoy real-time analytics alerts, metadata overlay and forensic search capabilities from within the native VMS environment.


GANZbridge has an internal 500GB surveillance grade HDD allowing storage and review of pre- and post event video clips. Simply log into device via web browser to search and download footage.


GANZbridge supports an open standards API for simple integration into a range of customized monitoring scenarios.


Object Tracking : Robust object tracking engine tracks through occlusion, high probability of detection, low false positive rate. Multiple modes permit optimization for intrusion detection or business intelligence tracking 

Object Detection: Detects abandoned objects left or removed from a scene 

Object Counting : Accurate people and vehicle counting, even in dense scenes 

Event Rules : Intrusion detection, Shake cancellation, Tamper detection, Enter & exit filters, Appear & disappear filters, Stopping filter, Dwell filter, Direction filter, Counting, Abandoned object filter, Removed object filter, Zones & lines, Speed filter, 3D calibration, Tailgating filter, Logical rules, People Tracker, Color Filter

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