#macsecurity | #operatingsystem | Any difference between various Linux installs on old Mac vs old PC?

I have more or less successfully set up Linux on a couple old and even older Dell’s.


Thinking of picking up a cheap white Macbook, which is Core2Duo and trying again. 


Ended up with Mint (18 MATE and 19 Cinnamon) on both of the Dells.


Would there be any reason to think any other Linux version would be smoother on Apple hardware?  Not so much thinking of look and feel, but of things like WiFi and the camera and ideally maybe bluetooth working correctly from the get go.  For instance I guy gave me a “hackintosh-ed” Lenovo and the Wifi card never did work, needed a usb unit.


And a tangential question, if I wanted to “retire” one of the Dells, could I just slip it’s SATA SSD out, slip it in to the Macbook, and expect it to work?  I don’t think I’ll actually do that as it is only 20-25 bucks to get the Mac it’s own SSD, just wondering.



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