Low awareness biggest cybersecurity challenge for 93% Indian cos: Report | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Eighty six per cent of respondents also believe cybersecurity vendors do not provide them with the information they need to help educate executives. About 93 per cent of companies agree their biggest security challenge in the next 24 months will be the awareness and education of employees and leadership.

“With ransomware attacks continuing to become more complex, organisations need a genuine, actionable cybersecurity education programme,” said Aaron Bugal, global solutions engineer, Asia Pacific and Japan, at Sophos, in a statement.

“Cybersecurity professionals continue to face many frustrations in their roles this year, with many feeling their warnings and messages fall on deaf ears. The challenge for cybersecurity professionals faced with low levels of security understanding among company boards is that many are unlikely to invest in the necessary programmes to alleviate these frustrations.

“The issue isn’t technology, it’s education. Increasing spend on cybersecurity won’t help unless organisations understand from the top down the true nature and critical threat that cyberattacks constitute to their organisational capabilities, their customers and their own existence,” Bugal said.

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