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Now that Nest Hub owners can speak to their display in Spanish – a feature that has long been sought after – Google is shifting its focus to the past. Well, sort of. In the same vein as the new Google Photos Memories widget that you can now place on your Android 12 home screen to get that “picture in the wallet” moment of a loved one (or of your food), the company is now adding the same capability to your in-home digital picture frame.

Yes, I know the Nest Hub does so much more than that, but if we’re honest, we all enjoy the device’s ambient screensaver that cycles through our photos, right? Well soon, you’ll be able to look back on the good ol’ days via the “Your day” tab which can be found at the top.


View your Memories every day on your display – Enjoy your Memories from Google Photos right from your Nest Hub, coming soon to the “Your day” tab. So you can view moments from the past while you go about your day.

Google Nest Blog

Presumably, you’ll have the ability to tap or swipe through story-styled montages of people, places, and things that you snapped anywhere between one and ten years prior, for example. First popularized by Facebook (who stole it from the company that invented it, but you probably already guessed that), the “On This Day” type of content appears at the top of your Google Photos app similar to how Instagram Stories populate the social media platform.

While there’s no way of telling how long it will be until this rolls out, Google used its favorite word in the blog post – “soon”. This usually means over the next few weeks, but honestly, we’ve seen many times where updates tagged as “soon” have taken between four and six months to finally appear. With such a basic feature that’s already developed for phones, I don’t imagine this will actually be the case, but look what happened with Chromecast with Google TV personalized profiles.


Google has been on a sprint to engrain the word “Memories” into our brains as of late. Just weeks ago, Google Photos Memories began rolling out to the Chrome browser’s New Tab Page as a module, and the Chrome Memories feature I recently covered turns your History page into a way to look back on your “Journeys” and continue tasks. To do this, they’re grouped or clustered together based on relevancy.

On top of that, the Chrome Memories and Assistant Memory features that are in development combine all of your data across all Google services including History, Tab Groups, Reading list, and more into one helpful hub for exploring your data footprint. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google Photos soon joins the party with all of the evidence we’ve seen of these services working together.

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