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Londoners will be the first to tell you that they live in the best city in the world and there isn’t anything that anyone can say or do to convince them otherwise, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still like a good old moan from time to time. Whether it be the overpriced landmarks, the gorgeously unpredictable weather or the sweaty commute of one of the world’s most interconnected underground train systems, Londoners will tolerate no slander of their city.

However, they will also be the first ones to explode into an outburst of frustration when they experience the most minor inconvenience. This was summed up perfectly by a thread on the online forum Reddit, where Londoners shared some of the most annoying things about living in the ‘best city in the world’.

The hilarious Reddit post titled ‘What is *one* thing that annoys you in London?’ made sure to specify that users could only take about one thing that annoyed them, almost as if they realised that users would go on for days with multiple scenarios if they weren’t limited to just one. The answers were just as relatable and as hilarious as you would expect.

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The most common answers all seemed to be transport related. One user wrote that “not letting people off the Tube before boarding and then not moving down to make space” was a pet peeve of theirs. The answer has been upvoted more than 600 times by users since being posted a week ago.

One user offered a very practical, if not forceful, solution. “Walk through them. ‘Oh sorry mate, maybe you shouldn’t stand in the way’ ”. (disclaimer: this tactic is not endorsed by MyLondon under any circumstances).

What’s another thing that annoyed Londoners about living in the capital? You guessed it, it’s more travel grievances. One Reddit user wrote: “People who wait until they get to the barriers to get out their phone/ Oyster card. Have it ready guys – it shouldn’t be a surprise that you need it to get through the barriers!”

However, arguably the most desperate concern for Londoners (pun intended) was the lack of public toilets available in many places. One user posted: “The lack of public toilets, for a city based in a country where drinking beer is a sport, the non-existence of open public toilets makes it an adventure to move between places or even just trying to get home.”

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