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Roughly 5.7 million fraud reports are made annually in the United States, with an average financial loss of $500. According to the Federal Trade Commission, five Alabama cities rank in the top 50 nationally in fraud cases per 100,000 population, including Tuscaloosa (first in 2021 with 3,712 reports per 100K and, so far, again in 2022 with 582 reports), Montgomery (8th) and Gadsden (27th). 

“There’s a lot of fraud that goes on that we have to deal with (involving) our members each and every day,” said Gina Chambers of Alabama Teacher’s Credit Union. “The topic of fraud is something that is very important to us, as it has gone on for a long time and continues to increase, especially after COVID-19.” 

It’s why three of Etowah County’s credit unions partnered this month on the inaugural Fight Fraud Workshop, an initiative created to help educate people about warning signs for fraud and what to do if they believe their information is compromised. 

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