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Businesses are often ill-prepared to deal with ransomware incidents. Especially if an attacker has masqueraded as a privileged user—you may not know they’re doing any damage until it’s too late.

Every organization needs a well-defined, battle-tested incident response plan to combat ransomware. In this webinar, ethical hacker and Chief Security Scientist, Joseph Carson, will help you build one.

Join Joe as he explains how a ransomware attack progresses, and demonstrates ways to prevent, detect, and respond quickly and effectively. He’ll walk through tools and techniques helpful at every stage of a ransomware attack, from initial credential compromise to escalated privileges, exfiltrated data, and ultimately ransomware deployment and ransom demand.

Watch a step-by-step example of how to:

  • Reduce “dwell time” by spotting a ransomware attack early
  • Gather evidence to craft a contextual response that remediates the attack
  • Better secure your environment against future attacks

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